Township- Strategies for Players

Township- Strategies for Players


Are you playing Township on a daily basis and want to improve performance? Then there are lots of tactics available. Those all the tips are useful for both the new player and old player. If you want to boost up your level, then read tips carefully. It is also useful for improving your performance in the game.

Tips and Tricks-

To win every game the tips and tricks play a significant role. So today I will tell you the best tips for Township. Follow the all tips carefully.

a.       Invite friends-

In the game, you can also find the friends from the “Find friends” tab. It is the best feature for improving your performance in the game. In it, you can daily send five gifts to any five friends from the friend’s list. If you are an elder, co-leader or leader then you can also invite the friends on your co-op. For done the process touch on the left-hand side button.

b.      Plant and Harvest-

The plants are playing an essential role in improving you XP points. Many types of crops are available in the game. It will be unlocked as per your level update. Its take the longer time to grow-up. It also helps you level up by giving XP points.

c.       Buy Buildings-

The buildings are also the main part of the game. So many buildings are available in it. You can buy it on coins. To expand your current limit of the population, you must need to build the community buildings. You can also give designs to your buildings. Via the buildings, your level will be the boost. The Factories and farm animals are important to produce the product for your clan population.

d.      Airport-

It is the best way to level up in the game. The airport is unlocked at level 17. In the airport, you can fill up crates with products. After that send the crates onto the plane, then you will earn the extra coin. So it is also the best way to collect extra coins.

e.       Create the co-op-

The co-op is the main part for earn the currencies. You can join and create own co-op.

f.          Game Cheats

Also you every time can to use Township Cheats which is very simple way and no need to spend real money.