Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make Hay Day


Supercell is a very popular game developing studio, which is also the developer of the Hay Day. Even you may have played its old and famous game Clash of Clans, which people are still playing. However, we are talking about Hay Day, which is an entirely different game. People those like to play the farming game they should definitely try the Hay Day.

In order to sign-in the game, you need to use the Google Play account. Once you sign-in, then you are able to start the game. Hay Day Hack is the most genuine process of getting the free coins in the game. Players those understand this process they use the coins in the shop.

Where can I use the coins?

If we talk about the coins, then it is the primary currency of the game. It is used for buying farm items from the shop. There is also a roadside shop in the game from where you can easily buy items by using the coins. Instead of this, you can also do customization option the Maggie’s. In addition to this, when it comes to unlocking the areas like mine and fishing lake, then we need to use the coins in huge amount. If we talk about the coins more, so it can be earned by completing boat, towns and truck orders.

Sell the goods

During the production, we find some vehicles commute at your farm like a truck, boat. Consequently, gamers just need to sell the goods to the visitors. Instead of this, you can also sell the goods on the roadside roads. Due to this, we will grab the coins according to the real price of the goods.  Nonetheless, Players will get 350 coins at the beginning of the game for starting the production of the farm. Instead of coins, we also need to collect the diamonds that can be really helpful in the game. Therefore, you can easily take its advantage and use them anywhere.