Love Nikki- Game Guide

You know very well now days every person like wearing fashionable clothes. Some people like to work in fashion stream. So today I talk about a game “Love Nikki”. This game is launched by very famous or most popular studio CROWDSTAR INC. This company is makes by SUREN MARKOSIAN & JEFFTSENG in 2009. Company announces to come in mobile market on February 2012. It is all depends on the trending fashion & styles. In this you can change the basics like hair, skin tone and makeup of avatar. Covet fashion run in IOS & ANDROID based mobile.

How to Play?

Firstly you can download the game in your mobile and tablet from game store. Then start the game after you have choice to link game with facebook or play as guest. If you select the link with facebook after that you’re all friends who play covet fashion add with you.

When you enter into the game you have a lot of options and many options have different uses.

  1. Inbox- You want to see your winning rewards or the daily rewards then open this option.
  2. Style challenges- This is the main page via you entering to the challenges & wins the rewards.
  3. Shop- Buy the clothes for your avatar then go into the shop alternative.
  4. Home- This choice show your last challenges result.
  5. Premium store- want to buy premium currency select premium store alternative.
  6. Fashion feed- you are interested in the fashion then enter the fashion feed this gives you news related with fashion.
  7. Shop online- This is show the real-life clothing. Generally this is used by the designers.
  8. Vote on look- See the vote on look in your previous challenge to earn tickets.
  9. Record Game play- This option is not available on all devices but its work to record your game play score & post on the social website.
  10. Account- Want to change your account detail or some edition in your user name that time uses this option.
  11. Fashion House- asks for advice on your look and joins the groups of players select this option.
  12. Get cash & diamonds – Collect free diamonds to completing surveys then touch on this option.

Types of currency in Covet Fashion-

In this three types of “currency” use in the forms of money, tickets or diamonds. All currency is important for play game. After entering the challenge you must buy the garments & garments is buy from money is most required to entering into challenges. Most challenges are open with tickets so this is also important or entering in challenges. To buy the expensive clothes diamonds must useable or this is also converted into cash or tickets. Also buy the currency from premium store or be aware at the time of purchase currency by trying Love Nikki Hack 2020.