Episode Choose Your Story- What do you need to know about currencies

We know that currencies are the essential part of every human life. As per currencies are also play an important role in Episode Choose Your Story. The game is full fill from lots of stories, and some stories are free, but on the higher level, some are purchasable from currencies. It is useful to unlock the lots of stores and episodes. You can also publish the own stories with friends and other players.

Types of currencies-

Various kinds of coins are usable in the Episode Choose Your Story to make new stories. If you want to read unique stories, then it’s also required. Two types of essential money are available. If you want to know about the detail of currencies then today we will give you all the information.

  1. Gems
  2. Passes

These both are the essential type of currencies in Episode Choose Your Story. Each money is used for the different task.

  1. Gems-

It is the primary currency of the game if you want get more by getting Episode Cheats. You can buy the lots of things like dress, accessories and much more things. If you want to unlock unique stories, then currencies are must require. In the game, it obtains to very hard, but some best ways make it possible. You can earn it via daily rewards, make own stories and buy from real money.

  1. Passes-

These are the premium currency of Episode Choose Your Story. Due to the passes, you can buy the lots of episodes and stories. When you upload own stories and people like it, then you will obtain some passes. It is not easy to collect a huge amount of passes, but some ways make it possible. You can earn it via daily rewards and make own stories.

Use currencies wisely-

We know that its obtain too hard, but some exciting ways make it possible. Always spend it on useful things like unlocking the new stories. You can also spend it on give a unique look to an avatar. You can also buy the lots of resources and fashionable items for charades. If you want to make own stories, then many resources are required.