A Comprehensive Guide To June’s Journey Game!


Lots of puzzles as well as mystery games, are out there by the game industry, June’s Journey is getting more fame. The game is all about finding clues, objects, solve mysteries, puzzles, find the murderer, and so on. Players are offered a list of items in every chapter that they need to find at a specific place. Lots of places, journeys, tournaments, chapters, episodes available in the game that you can enjoy better.

Playing the game smoothly allows players to enhance their mental skills more besides explore endless joy. The game is perfect for those players who need to improve their focusing and mind powers. Wooga Co. freely offered the game for Android, iOS, and Facebook platforms.


Just like movies, serials, shows, in June’s Journey, you can find lots of amazing episodes/chapters. Each chapter offers exciting kinds of objectives and rewards. Finding each item offers specific points to the players. Solving puzzles faster permit all the players to score higher besides gain an array of prizes.

In-app purchases feature

This feature of June’s Journey game allows players to purchase every single item of the game instantly. They don’t need to waste efforts on the game tournaments or mysteries to gain every single thing. By spending some real cash, they can buy all upgrades or items immediately. Also, gamers are able to disable this feature by going to device settings.

Think outside the box

Try to check all carpets, ground items, furniture, clothes for finding clues quickly without facing more complications. Think outside the box and check specific main spots more to progress faster; also, you can adopt the latest Journeys Interactive Series Cheats.