A Complete Walkthrough about the Currency in Hempire – Plant Growing Game


In digital time gaming is new obsessions for youths, and they are enjoying a variety of games. If you are interested in it, then you can check the Hempire game. It is styled by LBC Studious for android and IOS platforms, but we can also run on a tablet. The game is free of cost, but for new features, we pay some amount of real money. We can install it by going on the android store or official game website, and millions of players are getting great fun with it.

Get start with currency:

The gameplay is full of many plants, and for upgrading them, we need a sufficient amount of currency. Along with plants, some other tasks are also for winning, so that currency plays a vital role. Two kinds of currencies are used, like Diamonds and cash. Both currencies are giving us a smart path for leveling up, and anyone can prefer the Hempire Hack 2020 tool. This hack is a reliable and quick tool for free rewards. In this article, we have listed both currencies so you can read about them.


Diamonds are a prime currency for each task, and we have to manage the right amount of it. The players can use such currency for upgrading the plants and get new seeds for growing.


Cash is a secondary currency, and it is for purchasing new items for decorating the Hempire. Renovate many buildings and earn by more orders for weed plants.