4 more ways for obtaining currency in Pixel Car Racer


Is anyone is passionate about games? If yes then Pixel Car Racer is the best choice for him. The game is giving the real playing experience by racing. In which you will see RPG based racing, and it is connected with the internet. The game is open for the whole world, so there are many online users are active. You can manage your car in your garage. Everything is happening by the high amount of currency, and it is required for opening many locked cars. Most of the users are going for Pixel Car Racer Cheats to grab free cash.

Common info about the currency

The players have to know about the valuable currencies of the game, and here we will provide the value of two major currencies namely Cash and Stat points. Cash is a remarkable currency and specially used for purchasing many new things for cars. Stat points are also good for enhancing the amount of cash. In the gameplay, several tools are available for collecting the currency, but you can go with selected ways for it.

Play daily for bonus

On the beginning phase of the games, many bonus points and currency are given.  You will get around 15000 $ for customizing things. For that, we need to login daily and spend much time on the game. The game tracks your time and dedication to give some free cash. It is not a permanent way for currency, but by it, you can get small rewards.

Login with Facebook

Each player should start the game by the facebook login because it is advantages for the next levels. The users are connected with Social life and share his victories and achievements with friends and invite them for playing in the racing. It is a promotional activity, and by it, we will get a handsome amount of cash.

Invest real money for currency

While you are playing in the race, you have to concern about the currency because it is the lifeline of the game. Anyone can also get the currency by spending real money, but you can try Pixel Car Racer Cheats for grabbing currency.